Our Reward Program

Welcome to Spark

Slab.Supply's Reward Program

Sparks is our way of thanking you, the customer, for supporting Slab and helping us in our journey to design and manufacture the world's best activewear. We have added so many different ways for you to win deals, see what we mean below.

  1. For each dollar you spend, you receive one point
  2. For opening an account and subscribing to our newsletter, you receive 500 points
  3. For referring us to someone you know, you get 2000 points; the person you refer gets a CA$20 cash discount for their next purchase
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for 300 points
  5. To earn 300 more points, share https://slab.supply on Facebook or Twitter
  6. On your birthday, you will receive a whopping 1000 points
  7. For our backers from Kickstarter or Indiegogo, pls drop us a note when you create an account. Your spending on our Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign will be converted to points. For each dollar you spend (minus shipping fee), you receive one point

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