The World's Most Versatile Merino Jackets are now FUNDED on Kickstarter!

I'm always a big fan of Kickstarter. There're so many intelligent ideas which you cannot find anywhere else. That's why we launched our first Kickstarter campaign last year: The Ultimate Merino Running Jacket.

All the jackets have been shipped in July and we have got 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACKS! It has been an amazing experience as you could discuss with your backers how they wanted and how they felt, and you could improve the product in the process!

Then we started to think: how about something upgraded? Something more Versatile for any occasion? Here we have it: The Merino Tech 2.0 Jacket line. It features pure merino wool on one side and waterproof high-tech nylon on the other. And it comes in two additions: The 360 and The Minimal. Reversible, Foldable, Waterproof, Breathable and 12+ practical features! We launched this campaign last week and it was FUNDED in just 3 days!

We are already discussing about NEW FEATURES and STRETCH GOALS. Pls JOIN US there.

So Designers, Dreamers, if you already have something in mind, donot hesitate, Kickstarter is there for you. And if you need help on Prototyping, Sourcing or Manufacturing, feel free to contact us.

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