Slab: From Concept to Creation

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Slab was born out of a search for the perfect running jacket. When our search failed us, we made it ourselves.

Our experienced team handpicked the best natural yarns like cotton and tencel. We knew that merino wool wouldn’t compromise comfort while offering the ultimate in functionality. This gave us the perfect fabric blend for quality active wear that runners, walkers or commuters would love.

Since our search for the perfect jacket began, we raised over $26,000 on Kickstarter to make our design come to life! These pledges allowed us to create over 220 Merino Contour Running Jackets that will be shipped around the globe this July. 

What’s next? We’re releasing an exciting new clothing design to our audience next month! Whether you walk or sprint, each Slab creation is designed to take you from the street to studio in style! You will not want to miss our new project.

Slab is a great community to bring your own design ideas to masses. If you have a killer fashion idea which has the potential to go global, we would love to hear from you:

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1 Comment

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